Why Use PiraBase?

There are a number of advantages to using PiraBase:

  • Focused resource - we only take items relating to printing and packaging
  • Quality source material - we only take published information, so the articles have probably been selected by an editor and may be peer reviewed whereas anybody can post anything on the internet
  • Comprehensive coverage - with information sourced from so many different places, you can quickly and easily get the full picture on your topic
  • Easy-to-use - the user friendly search interface means beginners can get started easily, but also allows experienced searchers to develop more complex strategies
  • Convenient full-text service - many items mentioned in the PiraBase can be ordered directly from us via our Document Delivery service. Scanned documents can usually be e-mailed within 24 hours.

The PiraBase may be used in many ways. Here are a few of the reasons that you may use it:

  • Subject overview - Catch up on all the important information on a specific topic area. The PiraBase's comprehensive and historical coverage gives you the full picture.
  • Explore new possibilities - Try using broader terms or looking up further research by authors who write in your field. The PiraBase interface allows easy searching on fields like Index Terms and Author Names.
  • Industry - Find out how the latest technologies are being applied in your field. Source material includes a wide range of application-based journals.
  • Trade names - Research trade names and find out where and when the products were used. Database dates back to 1982.
  • Monitor the competition - Discover what has been published about (and by) your rival companies. Key news items form an important part of the PiraBase content.
  • Testing - Find out if your experiment has been carried out before, or find similar research to help you progress. Information sources include hundreds of technical journals and conference proceedings.
  • Product failure - Search for ways to improve your product like finding out about new materials and their properties and limitations.
  • Filing a patent - Carry out a prior art search to find out if a technology or practice has been documented before. Comprehensive source material gives a better chance of finding that all-important reference.
  • Techniques - Learn about new developments in your field. The PiraBase database is updated with the latest information every week.